Jordan Stephens




I'm a computer programmer, intermittent musician, and pretend photographer. I'm interested in music, computers, design, and spaceflight, and I'm trying to split my time between creative arts and engineering. Right now, I'm living in New York City, where I'm working with ROLI on and other projects.


  • Mono live, source

    A monophonic synthesizer in your web browser that you can play with your computer keyboard. It is built on top of the Web Audio API, and was created as an exercise in using Clojurescript.

  • Rp live, source

    A toy sequencer in your web browser built on top of Tone.js, using React and Redux.

  • Prograde live, source

    A tool to vizualize the ground paths of satellite orbits over earth with any arbitrary orbital parameters. Instead of being confined to the path of a known satellite, you can freely modify the orbital parameters to gain intuition about how each parameter affects an orbit's ground path.

  • MotoLogic overview, demo

    A tool used by automotive technicians to help them diagnose and repair vehicle issues by providing them with any manufacturer or after-market technical data that they might need.



More projects and source code can be found on Github. I also post photos on vsco, and say nonsense on twitter.